Illustration of Rhosddu School
Illustration of Rhosddu School

Criw Cymraeg

The Criw Cymraeg is led by Mrs Devlin and we have meetings every Dydd Mawrth (Tuesday) . Representatives are chosen from each class from Y1 – Y6. We gained our Gwobr Efydd (Bronze award) last year for the Siarter Iath and we are now working very hard to achieve Gwobr Arian (Silver award)!





We have enjoyed celebrating across the school this St David’s day! We took part in a range of Welsh themed activities in classes, the infants performed Welsh dancing and the juniors had their annual Eisteddfod. Check out our videos below.

Eisteddfod 2024 Video


Half-Term Welsh Challenge



01/02/2024 Helpwr Heddiw Raffle

Criw Cymraeg Meeting

Criw Cymraeg Meeting

19/01/23 Welsh Challenge

The Criw Cymraeg have decided to set a range of challenges to all the pupils in the school. These challenges will encourage pupils and staff to speak more Welsh and to also help the Criw Cymraeg to meet their targets. Each pupil who enters the challenge will be entered in to our raffle to win prizes !

7/12/23 Criw Cymraeg Stall at the Christmas Fayre

The Criw Cymraeg ran a stall at our Christmas fayre this year. They came up with an idea of a tombola style game where people had to pick a Welsh word and match the word to the English translation to win their prize. The stall was very successful and we ran out of all of our prizes very quckly!

Su’mae Day 2023

The Criw Cymraeg have worked very hard to organise Su’mae Day this year. The Criw Cymraeg decided we should celebrate wearing our national colours, they created vocabulary cards for families to ‘give Welsh a go’ and during our whole-school assembly, they explained Su’mae Day to our school.

Year 4 teach Class A & B Welsh

28/06/23 We are delighted to announce that all of the hard work from the Criw Cymraeg and our pupils has gained us our Bronze award! Da iawn!

05/06/23 Brawddeg Cymraeg yr Wythnos – Welsh word of the week

17/05/23 Brawddeg Cymraeg yr Wythnos – Welsh word of the week

10/05/23 & 17/05/23 Criw Cymraeg Clwb – Making Welsh gifts

The Criw Cymraeg have been very busy making a range of gifts to sell. All gifts include Welsh language, which have been translated by the Criw Cymraeg. They have worked very hard to use their reading skills and dictionary skills to create them. They will soon be on sale!

10/05/23 Brawddeg Cymraeg yr Wythnos – Welsh word of the week

Scan the QR code or click on the link below to hear our CC saying our brawdegg Cymraeg yr Wythnos.

Beth ydy dy enw di? What is your name

…………… ydw i. My name is ……………….

04/05/23 Welsh Competition – Gareth Bale

We had a huge response to this term’s Welsh competition to learn more about famous Welsh people. See below for the Winners. They had the task of creating a factsheet about Gareth Bal and to include why he is such a good role model for children in Wales. Da iawn!

26/04/23 Criw Cymraeg Clwb

The Criw Cyraeg have been busy learning all bout the Weksh apps on our school ipads. Now they will feed back what they have learnt to their classes! Da iawn CC! Click on the link below to see some Welsh apps you can download at home.

08/03/23 Welsh Prayer

For the next couple of weeks we will be replacing the Welsh word of the week with our Welsh prayer. Click on the link below to see our Criw Cymraeg saying the prayer.

01/03/23 Junior Eisteddfod 2023

01/03/23 Criw Cymraeg join the St David’s Day Parade

27/2/23 Brawddeg Cymraeg yr Wythnos – Welsh Word of the Week

Dyma ti – Here you go. Scan the QR code to here Bella from our Criw Cymraeg pronounce our Welsh word of the week.

17/2/23 Poster Competition Winners

Da iawn to our Junior Poster competition winners. Also, Reception, Y1 and Yr2 were awarded prizes for their use of Welsh around the school!

15/2/23 Why Learn Welsh Poster Competition

We have had a huge response to of junior poster competition ! Da iawn to all those that have entered. We will be announcing class winners and the overall winners on Friday during our Bendigedig service.

Criw Cymraeg – Benefits of Speaking Welsh

Our Criw Cymraeg have worked very during the last few weeks, to research the benefits of speaking Welsh/ additional language. Then during meetings they have created a presentation ,that they used to teach the junior pupils of the benefits of speaking Welsh!

13/2/23 Welsh National Anthem

Class E & F have been working hard to lean the Welsh National Anthem! We cannot wait to sing it as a whole-school during our Eistedfodd!

6/2/23 Brawddeg Cymraeg yr Wythnos – Welsh word of the week

Mae’n amser chwarae! – it is play time!

3/2/23 Da iawn Grwp Coch!

Grwp Coch have recently received a certificate from the Criw Cymraeg for their wonderful Welsh display. Grwp Coch have been learning all about the different body parts yn Cymraeg and have displayed it for the whole school to see and learn. Da iawn and diolch Grwp Coch!

Going for Bronze!

The Criw Cymraeg a playing a vital role in getting Ysgol Rhosddu their Bronze award on the Siarter Iath to embed the Welsh language, Welsh culture and Welsh identity into our everyday school life.

What is the Siarter Iath? It is a Welsh Language Charter used to inspire children and young people to use Welsh in all aspects of their lives. The Siarter Iaith is for everyone; all members of the school community have a part to play, the school council, learners, workforce, parents, carers, governors and the wider community. This will ensure every school has full ownership of their Siarter Iaith. Together we will increase the social use of Welsh by children and young people.

Our 10 targets to achieve are:

  • Establish a visual Welsh ethos
  • The advantages of learning Welsh
  • Using incidental Welsh in the classroom
  • Using incidental Welsh outside of the classroom
  • Welsh in assemblies
  • Using apps and Websites to enhance learning and enjoyment
  • Enrichment Welsh activities 
  • Developing Welsh reading
  • Using Welsh across the Curriculum
  • A positive attitude toward the Welsh Language

Useful links for pupils and parents:

Welsh Reading Books: Search – Hwb (

Free Welsh Audio Books : Free Welsh Audio Books by Children – Dref Wen

The Criw Cymraeg have set up a new monthly competition for pupils to win prizes by researching famous Welsh people. Here is a picture of our recent winners who have worked hard to research and present information about Roald Dahl for our corridor display! Da iawn!


2022/23 Criw Cymraeg : The Criw Cymraeg will meet once a week to share the Welsh phrase of the week. We meet once a month to look at our action plan and set activities and competitions throughout the school.

Week 5 =Ga i fynd i’r toiled os gwelwch yn dda? (can I go to the toilet please)

Week 4 = Dwylo i fyny (hands up) & Dwylo i lawr (hands down)

Week 3 = Diolch and diolch yn fawr.

Week 2 = Barod? Wyt ti’n barod?   

Week1 = “Bore da” and “Pnawn da” 

Winners and prizes! Da iawn

Eisteddfod 2018