Illustration of Rhosddu School
Illustration of Rhosddu School

Cares Club

Before and After School Club

Rhosddu Cares Club Opening hours and prices:

Morning: 8:15a.m. – 9:00a.m.-£3.00


3:00p.m – 3:15p.m (For picking up Junior Siblings)  £1.00

3:00p.m/3:15p.m – 4:00p.m + £4.00

4:00p.m – 4:30p.m + £2.00

4:30p.m – 5.00p.m + £2.00

5:00p.m – 5:30p.m + £1.00

Monday to Friday (term time only).

Fees are payable daily or weekly, childcare vouchers are accepted.

Our aim is to provide quality care for your children within a happy, safe and stimulating environment. Rhosddu Cares Club is registered with Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales to take up to 50 children aged between 3 and 11 years old.

When attending morning club we do not provide a breakfast snack, however, during the afternoon club we do provide a light snack, this is not at a set time as we have to make sure there is enough space for the children to eat and socialise comfortably.

We aim to make sure the snacks are healthy and we work alongside our healthy schools policy held in school.

Children need to be registered before admission to the club. A registration form and contract needs to be completed giving as much information as possible; i.e. contact information of persons other than parents nominated to pick your child/children up.If you are late please telephone on 01978 318830 to let the supervisor know, as the children can become anxious when they realise they are the last.

Rhosddu Cares Club Polices and our Inspection Reports are available in the club for all parents to read at anytime.  Children are encouraged to play outside as much as possible, and they can participate in various activities i.e. football, tennis, games, construction, role play etc.

We aim to see that all children enjoy themselves in our club and great emphasis is placed on the choice of the individual child. We are able to integrate children with special needs into the club. Children are supervised outside using the school yard, in the atrium, wet play area, school hall and infant library. A supervisor and assistants are present at all times; extra assistants are on duty depending on the number of children present.

During after school club, children will be given a drink and a snack of fruit, toast, savoury snacks or cakes . We are currently introducing healthier options, please inform us of any special dietary needs your child may have.

A weekly menu of snacks is on display in the club.

A copy of our excellent inspection report can be viewed on the CSSIW web-site:

Any complaints you may have can be brought to the Registered Persons Mrs Young or Mrs Kelly Koswaththage, Manager.
You may wish to contact the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales at:

Government Buildings
Sarn Mynach
Llandudno Junction