Illustration of Rhosddu School
Illustration of Rhosddu School


The well-being of all children at Rhosddu is of high importance to us. We have four staff who have completed training to deliver the Student Assistance Programme. Children who are invited to attend SAP groups are chosen for a variety of reasons. If your child has been invited to attend, then the class teacher will be able to explain why they have been chosen. You will receive a leaflet and consent form allowing them time out of non-core lessons to attend an hour long session, once a week, for 8 weeks. Confidentiality is crucial and our motto is “What is said in group… stays in group”. This helps the children and staff create a safe and nurturing group, maximising the benefits for all attending. 

Many children have enjoyed SAP group over the years. If you feel that your child may benefit from the group in any way then please check the link below and speak to the class teacher or our SAP co-ordinators Mrs Z Jebb (Year 5&6) and Mrs C Wolfenden (Year 3&4).


Taken from WCBC site:

“SAP’s purpose is to create a safe place in Wrexham schools where pupils can share feelings, thoughts and concerns about their lives and to provide support whilst they work through any difficulties that may impede their development, education and life chances.”