Illustration of Rhosddu School
Illustration of Rhosddu School

Early Foundation Phase

Welcome to the Early Foundation Phase.

Please click on the link to watch a video about our Foundation Phase.

We are made up of 2 mixed Nursery and Reception classes:

Grwp Glas: Mrs Ellis

Grwp Oren: Mrs  Grindley

We are supported by Classroom Assistants in each area:

Mrs Christian

Miss Valentine

Mrs L Hughes

Mrs Hodges

Miss C Roberts

Mrs C Jones

Our Early Foundation Phase Unit provides your child with a safe and exciting environment where they will receive the highest standard of teaching and will learn predominately through play.

We provide your children with creative and stimulating learning opportunities to help them grow and develop into confident and happy young learners. We are actively aware that the educational experiences and environment we provide will influence your child’s development and promote their enthusiasm for learning.

We  use our outdoor area as an extension of our learning environment. We are constantly updating our well-resourced playgrounds to provide our children with stimulating and interesting areas to play and work in. This will mean that your child will need appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. For example, we will go outside in the rain to explore puddles and to investigate the effects of the wind by blowing bubbles or investigating things that fly. Focused play opportunities give the children the chance to develop their language and social skills. Gross and fine motor skills are also developed as the children have a range of outdoor equipment to play with.

We also offer Nursery parents the option of Nursery Plus.  This year  Nursery Plus runs in a morning and costs £13.00 per session.  This enables children to stay in school from 9am until 3pm.  Please click on ‘Nursery Plus’ for more information regarding this facility.