Illustration of Rhosddu School
Illustration of Rhosddu School

Lower Key Stage 2

2021 – 2022

Boudicca Show 

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about the Celts and the Romans this term. Boudicca visited our school to share with us her story of bravery and power. The children were given acting parts to help tell the story. The did a great job.

Celtic Thumb Pots

Class D followed instructions to design and create their own Celtic thumb pot. They were very proud of their finished products.

Gran can you rap? – Class D performance

Class D have been working hard to learn and perform a rap. They listened to some example raps (performed by myself and Mrs Shone!) to assess what makes a good rap. They then created a success criteria and got to work. I’m sure you will agree they have done a brilliant job. They couldn’t wait to share their performances with you. Well done to the couple of girls who had only looked at the rap for the first time yesterday but still wanted to perform it. Click on the link to watch.


Class D and Class F have been attending a lunchtime STEM club. Lots of amazing learning took place by very excited children. Click on the link to see what we have been doing.

Wrexham Music Service

We were treated to a virtual Wrexham Music service concert. The children loved learning about all the different instruments and the sounds they produce. They also enjoyed having a dance.

Transition activity between Year 2 and Year 3 

Year 3 and 4 children have been learning the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. They have worked very hard to put together a performance for the children in Year 2.

Paired reading

Class I and E are thoroughly enjoying their paired reading sessions. Class D and G can’t wait to start theirs either.

P.E – Gymnastics

Class D have been visiting Queensway for gymnastic lessons. They have been learning many new skills and I’m sure you’ll agree, they are brilliant gymnasts.

Shadow Puppets

Year 3 children used what they have learnt about opaque, transparent and translucent materials to design and make their own shadow puppets. We all had lots of fun and their puppets created great shadows.

Tudor Day 

Year 3 and 4 spent a whole day learning about what life was like during the Tudor times. Have a look at the photographs to see what they got up to.


The children have been tasting pastries this morning. They are using their evaluations to design their own pastry. They have also conducted a survey to find out what other children’s favourite filling was and what shape pastry they’d most likely buy. They then used Excel to display their results and interpreted these results to design a pastry that would sell well in a shop.

Autumn Term 

Year 3 have had a brilliant start to KS2. Here are some pictures of our minibeast and habitat hunt around the school. We found lots of interesting insects and enjoyed using a key to discover what they were.

We have also been very busy researching rainforests and the countries they are in using Safari. We then learnt how to use Adobe Spark on the iPads to present our work.

Here are a few of our Adobe Spark videos.

Run for Fun

All children in Years 3 and 4 took part in an event called Run for Fun which was held at Queensway. There were over 250,000 children taking part in the event across the world. We all had lots of fun and all children completed the distance. We are very proud of you.


Diary writing

Class D have been busy writing diary entries about life as a Celt. They followed their ‘steps to success’ and produced some brilliant work. Here they are peer marking their friend’s diary entry.

History Trip

Year 3 and 4 children enjoyed a day at Chester learning all about the Romans. We visited the museums, marched around the city dressed as Roman soldiers and learnt lots about the Romans in the museum classroom.

Healthy Smoothies

As part of our Marvellous Me topic we have been learning about a healthy lifestyle. The children had a brilliant time tasting different drinks and explored mixing ingredients to create a healthy smoothie. They also researched sugar content and the main ingredients in other smoothies. The children then put their measuring and chopping skills to the test to make their very own designs. I have to say they were very tasty. Miss Jones 

Iron Man setting descriptions using the Green Screen app on the iPad

March 2018

Year 3 have been working hard writing and editing setting descriptions based on the story The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. They then used the Green Screen app on the iPad to record their final versions. Click on the links below to watch a few. I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve done a fantastic job.

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Algorithms and Coding 

Year 3 have been very busy creating algorithms on the laptops today. They successfully overcame any problems and responded to my feedback on HWB. Well done Year 3.

Celebrating Book Day 2018

Paired Reading 2017/2018

Class G are being fantastic role models to Class D during our paired reading sessions. A very special time of the day and one the children really look forward to.

Tennis Lessons December 2017

Class D have thoroughly enjoyed their tennis coaching at Wrexham Tennis Centre. Lots of new skills learnt and great sportsmanship shown throughout. Well done everyone.

Wepre Park Science Trip June 2017

Children in Year 3 and 4 had a lovely time learning about habitats, food chains and life cycles at Wepre Park.


Design and Technology – Photo frames 2017

Classes D and E have been busy putting their designing and measuring skills to the test to make a photo frame. The finished designs were amazing!

Eisteddfod 2017

Here are some pictures of the children in Year 3 enjoying St David’s Day and our Eisteddfod.

Traction Man – Class D

As part of our Feel the Force topic we have been reading Traction Man is Here by Mini Grey. The children then worked hard to write and illustrate their own versions of the story. Once they were happy with their final version they used their ICT skills to create their very own books. Below are some of the pages. I’m sure you will agree that they’ve done a great job.


Euro 2016

To celebrate the beginning of Euro 2016 Year 3 and 4 had a football themed day. They worked hard researching countries, capital cities, players and teams. They also put their creative skills to the test to design new kits, boots and balls. Lots of amazing work was produced.


Roman Day 2016

What an amazing day Year 3 and 4 had learning about the Romans. They marched through Chester armed with battle shields and under the ‘strict’ instruction of the experienced legionaries learnt what it was like to be a Roman soldier. They explored life in Roman times and enjoyed being archaeologists.


Eisteddfod – St. David’s Day 2016

Here are the children in Year 3 and 4 on Eisteddfod day. They all look very smart dressed in our traditional Welsh costume.


Design and Technology – Talking Robots

Children had lots of fun designing and making a talking robot. They used pneumatics to make the robot’s mouth open and close. The finished robots were very impressive. Super problem solving and great teamwork was needed.


Girl’s World Cup 2015

Year 3 and 4 had a lovely morning holding our very own Women’s World Cup. The boys did a very good job refereeing the matches and being linesmen. It was good to see the girls grow in confidence throughout the tournament and there really were some amazing goals scored! The girls were split into 6 teams, U.S.A, Germany, Japan, England, Scotland and Wales. England and Wales made it through to the final but the score was 0-0!! So penalties it was and Wales won by one goal. The teachers and referees also picked girls who showed great skill and sportsmanship on the field. These girls were presented with certificates. Well done to all of Year 3 and 4 for a fantastic morning.

Players of the tournament


Final and Penalties



Fun, Fun, Fun