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What is the Foundation Phase?

Across Wales the  Foundation Phase Framework has been brought in to replace the National Curriculum.  The 11 subjects we studied before have now been merged into a rich curriculum under 7 Areas of Learning. Your children will have more opportunity to learn in fun, exciting and stimulating environments – both inside and outdoors.  The 7 Areas of Learning will support the development of children and their skills.  They will be studied in a cross-curricular way during the 4 years of Foundation Phase. 

Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity             

This is at the heart of the new Foundation Phase Curriculum.  The children will learn about themselves, their relationships with other children and adults both within and beyond the family.  They will become increasingly aware of the traditions and celebrations within Welsh Culture.
Language, Literacy and Communication Skills 
Your children will be immersed in the Language experiences and activities, of speaking and listening, reading and writing as we continue to teach.
– Phonological Awareness (sounding and spelling).
– Reading comprehension
– Grammatical knowledge (sentence construction and punctuation)
– Writing composition

Your child will continue to have a guided reading session at least once a week in small focused groups.  All teachers will continually monitor and review progress.

Mathematical Development
Your child will continue to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of maths through oral, practical and play activities.
– Number
– Measures and Money
– Shape, position and movement
– Data Handling

They will continue to present their work, in a variety of ways, moving on to formal written recording when they are ready.

Welsh Language Development
The children will be encouraged to respond to and use a variety of incidental Welsh in the classroom.  They will be given the opportunity to Speak, Read and Write in Welsh.
They will be given lots of opportunities to explore Welsh Culture through topic work.  The children will celebrate Saint David’s Day and take part in the Wrexham Schools Jamboree.
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Through topic based activities, over 2 years, we will cover the areas of:

Places and people
Time and people
Myself and other living things
Myself and non living things.

Both inside and outdoors, the children will explore, experiment and ask questions and solve problems to discover about The World around them, and help them begin to understand past events.
Physical Development
Your child will continue to have a P.E. lesson each week and over the 2 years will acquire and develop skills within the areas of dance, gymnastics and games.
Adventurous and physical play is also key to support the child’s understanding of their body and to become aware of dangers and safety issues in their environment.
Creative Development
Your child will be continually developing their imagination and creativity across the curriculum.  Areas of Art, Craft and Design, Music and Creative Movement will be richly incorporated into topics.

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