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Swimming Gala

Swimming Gala 2017 team

We are very proud of our swimming team for swimming their hearts out in this years gala. Well done to every single one of you. Lots of certificates won.


Congratulations to our swimming team! All of the swimming lessons paid off because they did very well. We had lots of children finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 2015-05-01 10.47.03 P

2015-05-01 10.47.41 2015-05-01 10.47.35 2015-05-01 10.47.25 2015-05-01 10.47.11

This talented boy deserves a VERY BIG congratulations as he has made it through to the Wrexham finals. We wish you lots of luck.

2015-05-01 10.47.30

Update: Congratulations on coming 2nd in your  freestyle race. We are all very proud of you. Future 2024 Olympic swimmer?? 🙂

Swimming winner






















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